Interfacing Yaesu FTM-10R to FRSet4 on a Honda Goldwing

NOTICE: User assumes total responsibility for any damage or harm relating to attempting this procedure.

This document provides information on integrating the Yaesu FTM-10R ham radio to a Honda Goldwing utilizing the Kennedy FRSet4 and PTT interfaces.  Document can be found at .


1.    Yaesu FTM-10R is already installed on the Honda Goldwing.

2.    Integration was done on a 2006 Honda Goldwing. Correct FRSet4 Intercom Harness is required (#95258).

3.    Information on the Kennedy FRSet4 along with required interface hardware can be found here:


1.    Yaesu FTM-10R Ham Radio

2.    Optional CT-M11 cable which plugs into the radio transceiver microphone jack

3.    Kennedy FRSet4 unit (

4.    Kennedy Intercom Harness (#95258)

5.    Kennedy Radio Interface Cable (#95479 - radio harness pigtail)

6.    Kennedy PTT Interface unit  (#95107) for a GL1800 Goldwing


1.    On the CT-M11 cable, cut and cap the brown and gray wires

2.    Connect one end of a 390K resistor to the green lead on the CT-M11 harness.

3.    Connect one end of a 390K resistor to the blue lead on the CT-M11 harness.

4.    Tie the other two ends of the resistors together and attach to the green lead of the radio interface pigtail.

5.    Connect the CT-M11 orange wire to the orange wire on the radio interface pigtail.

6.    Connect the CT-M11 black wire to the blue wire on the radio interface pigtail.

7.    Connect the CT-M11 red wire to the white wire on the radio interface pigtail.

8.    Set the FRSet4 internal DIP switches as follows: switch 3 OFF, switches 4-7 ON

9.    Connect the CT-M11 cable to the Yaesu FTM-10R transceiver microphone jack

10. Connect the J1 connector from the radio interface pigtail to P2 on the FRSet4 unit

11. Test the setup. Adjust the FRSet4 internal DIP switch 2 if necessary for proper receive audio.

Special thanks to Jon at Kennedy Technology Group for providing interface assistance

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Yaesu FTM-10R to FRSet4 (GL1800)

Pin 1 (Orange)
Pin 2 (Yellow)
Pin 3 (Blue)
Pin 4 (Red)
Pin 5 (Green)
Pin 6 (White)


Pin 1 (Orange)
Pin 2 (Gray)
Pin 3 (Brown)
Pin 4 (Green)
Pin 5 (Blue)
Pin 6 (Red)
Pin 7 (Black)

FTM-10R               CT-M11                                                        FRSet4 Pigtail (95479)